So busy!

Hello to all our readers. I'm just writing a little apology from myself and LucyLou. As you can see, we have not been posting many new stories, help and information on a regular basis.

We are both still massive fans of Howrse and play every day. However, at the moment, we are both very busy bees and cannot spare enough time to write for Ultimate Howrse as much as we'd like.

The good news is, that all of our tips and tricks are still here for you to access and use whenever you need them. And we will definitely continue adding new things to the site as often as we can.

We are just a little bit busy with lots of other things right now.

So please keep visiting us here on Ultimate Howrse and keep on sharing all your questions and news. We love hearing from you.

Happy Howrseing!


Chinese New Year's puzzle Competition

Well, here we go - another competition from Howrse. To celebrate the Chinese New Year (it's the year of the Horse), Owlient have given us a suitably themed game to keep us amused until mid-February.

Following on from many recent competitions, this puzzle requires you to collect pieces for a number of Chinese-themed jigsaws. There are 12 puzzles in total with the number of pieces needed, increasing as you go along. Each jigsaw you finish gives you various gifts. If you complete all of the jigsaws you get to win a fabulous Qilin which is a new Divine Unicorn.

  • Puzzle 1 (Goat) needs 2 pieces
  • Puzzle 2 (Monkey) needs 4 pieces
  • Puzzle 3 (Rooster) needs 4 pieces
  • Puzzle 4 (Dog) needs 9 pieces
  • Puzzle 5 (Pig) needs 9 pieces
  • Puzzle 6 (Rat) needs 12 pieces
  • Puzzle 7 (Ox) needs 12 pieces
  • Puzzle 8 (Tiger) needs 15 pieces
  • Puzzle 9 (Rabbit) needs 15 pieces
  • Puzzle 10 (Dragon) needs 24 pieces
  • Puzzle 11 (Snake) needs 24 pieces
  • Puzzle 12 (Horse) needs 35 pieces

A welcome change from recent contests is that this competition doesn't require us all to wake up in the middle of the night to complete tasks! Everything you need to do to win jigsaw pieces occurs just once a day (mainly). Once you've completed them, you can sit back and relax until the following day.

Collecting jigsaw pieces means you need to do the following:

  • Log on to Howrse (1 piece a day - usually)
  • Groom a horse (1 piece a day)
  • Win a competition (1 piece a day)
  • Remove a horn form a Unicorn (1 piece a day)
  • Clicking on a puzzle UFO (1 piece a day - as far as we know!)
  • Watching a video (1 piece a day - as far as we know!)
  • Open a HOP (Unlimited pieces per day)
Now we have done little bit of maths for you. How possible is it to actually win a Qilin? Well, if you really, really want one and have a fair bit of money to spend, then you could buy heaps of HOP's but that would cost you a lot of cash.

So, if you don't buy HOPS and you don't have Unicorns horns to remove (or don't want to) , can you  still actually win that elusive Qilin?

In short - no. Assuming Howrse don't change things during the course of the puzzle competition and based on what we know,  we think you will only be able as far as the Dragon Puzzle (puzzle 10).

If you DO remove a Unicorn horn each day, then you will get as far as the Snake Puzzle (puzzle 11).

So, if you do all the daily tasks (grooming, watching a video etc) AND remove a Uni horn each day, then you will still need over 30 HOP's to win that Qilin. Boo!

Of course, it's likely that Howrse will offer bonus jigsaw pieces in HOP's later in the competition so this will make things a little bit easier. However, whichever way you look at it, winning a Divine Unicorn is not going to be easy ... or cheap.

But it's not all doom and gloom. There are plenty of BM items to win along the way as well as ageing points and equus. And, you can even win Horseshoe Studs which are usually only available with a VIP account. Now that is pretty cool.

So, even if a Qilin is out of your reach, you can still relax and enjoy picking up plenty of goodies to keep you happily Howrse-ing!


VIP Account - who is it really for?

Owlient have been testing an addition to the standard Howrse game, amongst some selected players. This new 'VIP Account' is intended aimed at players who have either been playing on Howrse for a long time and/or bought a lot of passes.

The VIP Account is, effectively, an extension of the Pegasus Account. It's designed as a new alternative to the existing version of the game. But it's not cheap.

Here are some of the things you get:

  • Create 'official' breeding teams with up to 20 players
  • Allow players to make coverings of each other's horses
  • Buy horses automatically
  • Buy several horses with a single click
  • An increased probability of breeding a Unicorn
  • The ability to BLUP horses before they are 10 years old
  • Preselect the quantity of food to be given to your horses
  • Greater customisation of your Profile page
  • All the existing perks from the Pegasus Account

Testing of this new facility took place in early October and in mid October, testers where sent a survey to complete, with their feedback on the VIP Account.

So, how much does this 'in-depth' addition to Howrse cost? Well it's priced at a pretty hefty 10 passes per month. That's a considerable investment and effectively increases the sense that playing the game this way is really just a subscription service. 

In recent years, Owlient have greatly simplified and changed the playing experience of Howrse. Three to five years ago, the game was much more about the subtle complexities of breeding horses. 

Now it is a continuous cycle of competitions, challenges and games where players can win shiny prizes, including an ever-expanding range of 'special', wild or divine horses. The subtle parts of the game, have been hugely simplified in order to keep players focused on the 'fun' part - winning things, as opposed to the game-playing part of breeding horses and developing equestrian centres.

This is fine for those players who want instant results and rewards for, well, anything at all! Then there are those players who enjoy the complex and subtle world of BLUP, skilling, training and managing EC finances. And so Owlient have spotted an opportunity - give these players something to get their teeth into .... at a price.

So the choice is yours. If you prefer an 'arcade' style game - pretty, shiny and instant, stick with the existing, free version of the game. However, if you crave a little more depth and challenge to your Howrse experience, then choose the VIP Account. And start saving for your 120 passes a year.


Piñatas for starters

Well it's piñata crazy at the moment on Howrse. It seems like hardly a day goes by without a new competition arriving. So, we were wondering what you thought about all these competitions? Do you enjoy them? Or do you think there are just a few too many?

LucyLou and I remember back three or four years ago when Howrse only had about four competitions or promotions each year. Now they seem to happen pretty much constantly.

So another question would be - do you think you would still play the game if there were hardly any competitions?

We'd love to know what you think.

In the meantime, enjoy those piñatas...


The Vegetable Garden

The latest contest on Howrse is the Vegetable Garden.

Until 4th July you can plant seeds, grow vegetables and harvest gifts from them in your vegetable patch. The gifts range from aging points, tack and turnips to Nyx Packs, 5th Elements and even the new wind Divine - Skeiron.

You earn seeds by logging on each day and completing various missions around the game. There are currently 7 vegetable patches available for you to grow your seeds in (this will increase later on in the contest).

How do you grow your vegetables?
  • Sow your seeds
  • Your vegetables grow at your first connection of the day
  • You can water your vegetables to increase their growth (at first, once every 8 hours)
  • You can earn fertilisers by opening Horns of Plenty to boost your plants' growth
  • Once your plant is fully grown, harvest your vegetables and you will earn a random gift from the ones available for that plant
There are 5 types of seeds available:

Tomato seeds

Gifts: Eolus' Wind, Croesus' Fortune, Daphne's Laurels, 1000e, 5000e, Made-to-Measure Saddle, Made-to-Measure Bridle, 10 x Energy Mash, 10 x Caloric Mash, 20 x Turnips
Growth: + 5% at first connection of day, +10% at each watering (uses 12 gallons from your water tank), +30% with fertiliser

Corn seeds

Gifts: Achilles' Heel, Boreas' Lunge, Philotes' Stroke, Golden Spurs, Black Orchid, Pandora's Box, Artemis' Arrow, Plutos' Parchment, 10,000e, 10 x aging points
Growth: + 4% at first connection of day, +8% at each watering (uses 24 gallons from your water tank), +24% with fertiliser

Eggplant seeds

Gifts: Aphrodite's Tears, Fertiliser, Horn of Plenty, Philosopher's Stone, Harmony Pack, Chronos' Timer, Zeus' Lightning Bolt, Fertility Wand, Water of Youth, Helios' Ray
Growth: + 3% at first connection of day, +6% at each watering (uses 36 gallons from your water tank), +18% with fertiliser

Cauliflower seeds

Gifts: 5th Element, Themis' Scales, Titan's Challenge, Hestia's Gift, Nyx Pack, Morpheus' Arms, Hera Pack
Growth: + 2% at first connection of day, +4% at each watering (uses 48 gallons from your water tank), +12% with fertiliser

Pumpkin seed

You get this seed for completing the contest tutorial. Plant it straight away. If you manage to grow this seed and harvest your pumpkin you will win Skeiron, the new Divine horse.

It grows by 1% for every other vegetable you harvest. You can also give it fertiliser to gain 1% growth.

So, this contest is a choice dependent on which gifts you want to earn. If you want to go for the Divine it's best to plant the tomato seeds as they grow more quickly and will earn more points for your pumpkin seed. If you don't, it's best to go for the higher value seeds and see what Black Market items you will earn.

Good luck and let us know what you decide to go for!


The Sweet Treat Workshop

Until 13th June bake cakes on Howrse and earn gifts with the Sweet Treat Workshop contest!

This latest contest allows you to gather ingredients from around the game, follow recipes to bake cakes and earn gifts. The gifts range from turnips, aging points and tack to Hestia's Gifts, Nyx Packs and 5th Elements.

Once you've baked 30 cakes you have the chance to unlock the recipe for the new Gemstone Divine - Quartz.

Ingredients can be found in the following ways:
  • when you connect to the game for the first time each day
  • when your horses wake up on their birthdays (max 4 per day)
  • by entering competitions (max 4 per day)
  • by finding tubs of grease with your horses (max 3 per day)
  • removing pegasus' wings
  • removing unicorn's horns
  • in UFOs
  • in the Flash Sales
  • in Horns of Plenty (2 ingredients per horn)
Once you have enough ingredients for a recipe, choose the gift you wish to make, add the ingredients and put your mixture in the oven. Gifts take various amounts of time to bake - the higher value the gift, the longer they take. You can use boosters (found like ingredients) to reduce the baking time by 2 hours.

Remember that if you're trying to get the Divine, you need to leave enough time for the final recipe to bake before the contest is over.

Good luck and let us know how you get on!


The Grand Prix

On Howrse, The Grand Prix is a week-long championship consisting of five different competitions - one taking place each day. The Grand Prix is run every week and has two versions - Classical and Western.

The Classical Grand Prix consists of the following competitions:

  • Monday - Cross Country
  • Tuesday - Trot
  • Wednesday - Showjumping
  • Thursday - Dressage
  • Friday - Gallop
And the Western Grand Prix consists of the following competitions:
  • Monday - Cutting
  • Tuesday - Western Pleasure
  • Wednesday - Reining
  • Thursday - Trail Class
  • Friday - Barrel Racing
Each event lasts 10 hours and uses 99% energy. You can enter two horses into the Grand Prix each day.

To earn entry to the Grand Prix you need to find a ticket by opening Horns of Plenty. Once you have found a ticket you have access to both Grand Prixs every week for life.

In each event you can win the following gifts:
  • Winner: 40 diamonds
  • Second: 20 diamonds
  • Third: 10 diamonds
  • Fourth: 5 diamonds
  • Fifth: 2 diamonds
  • First 100 horses: 2000 Equus
  • All participants: 1000 Equus
Every Saturday a weekly ranking is complied, taking into account a players best performance in each event. To appear in the weekly ranking you must have entered all five events. The top 10 players in the weekly ranking earn an award on their profile page and the top 100 gain access to the Fountain. The Fountain replaces the normal water trough for a week and triples the gains given to +6 energy and +3 morale.

There are several special bonuses for the Grand Prix which can be found by opening Horns of Plenty:
  • Tranquillity of the Breeze - reduces the length of Grand Prix events from 10 to 3 hours
  • Energy of the Thunderstorm - reduces the amount of energy required from 99% to 55%
  • Strength of the Typhoon - doubles the gains from each event
  • Effect of the Tornado - the ability to register 4 horses in each event instead of 2
  • Appearance of the Hurricane - +9 bonus in gallop, jumping and trot
  • Power of the Storm - +9 bonus in stamina, speed and dressage
  • Bonus Monsoon - doubles the bonuses of the Hurricane and Storm
You need to have some very good horses to win the Grand Prix. However, since you earn a minimum of 1000 equus per horse entered you should give it a go every day just so you can earn some easy equus!

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