Wednesday, November 30, 2011

New features and all new objectives / acheivements

A new round of features & changes that have been introduced to Howrse. Here's a brief summary of those new features:
  • New achievements
  • Rookie horse competitions
  • Unicorn 5th Element coats
  • Archimedes 'face lift'
  • Sleipnir 'run away' and 'invoke' removed
  • Reserving coverings for your own mare no longer requires your login name
Of these new features, today we will be looking at the new achievements/objectives. Following on from the 90 previous objectives, numbers 91 to 100 have been introduced. And so here is our guide to getting them:

  • Objective 91 - Buy a horse over 25 years with 0 skill points
This is obviously a simple task. However, as always happens - at present the price of horses that fir the bill for this objective are crazily expensive. They were selling for 800,000 equus + yesterday but have dropped to 400,000 equus today. If you want to risk it, you can pay that much for one, pass the objective and then re-sell it for the same price. Beware though - prices are falling so you may be left out of pocket. Ultimate Howrse's advice: Wait for the excitement and prices to come down

  • Objective 92 - Have a (certain number) of living horses
Another straightforward one this. Just buy a few more horses of any quality and you're done. The number you have to buy is determined by how many horses you already have. I had 76 and needed to get 86. Ultimate Howrse's advice: Hunt the auctions for bargain horses.

  • Objective 93 -  Win 1 equus in a competition
This is actually not too difficult. You will need a useless (!) horse and then enter it into the lowest-ranked race you can find. Ultimate Howrse's advice: Check your horse's genetics and enter him into a competition for which he has the lowest genetics.

  • Objective 94 - Get a Pandora's Box by trading items
You'll need to head to the Item Exchange for this one. Now you are best to check in the Find Items area first to see what people are offering for a Pandora's Box. Then you will have an idea of what is trading. But be careful not to give away an item of lesser value. Ultimate Howrse's advice:If you already have a Pandora's Box, simply offer it in echange for another one! Worked for me.

  • Objective 95 - Find a saddle cloth, whip & blanket all on the same horse
For this one your horse must have none of these items to start with. Then simply age your horse, putting him in the box each day, until you find all three items. Ultimate Howrse's advice:Putting your horse in the box for 6 or more hours each day seems to improve your chances. Shouldn't take too many days to find them all. Took me 7 days.

  • Objective 96 - Give an apple to a horse born on 29th Nov 2009
This one was tricky at first but now players who have a qualifying horse are posting links on their page to a horse born on the correct date. Dr Zig is one. I did it the long way round by checking the Breeder's Production on the highest ranked players until I found a horse. Took ages but I gor there in the end! Ultimate Howrse's advice: Depending on where you live, due to timezones, you may find some 29th Nov 2009 horses don't work. You may have to try a couple to get one that validates this objective.

  • Objective 97 - Give birth to a Holsteiner breed horse
I haven't done this one yet. As with No.91 - the prices of Holsties are through the roof right now. If you own a pair then you're all set. Otherwise you're going to have to pay. After that, just breed the pair and you're done. Ultimate Howrse's advice:Wait for Holstie prices to come down. It will happen! 
UPDATE: A couple of people have said you do not need the mare to be a Holsteiner.

  • Objective 98 - Reach a reserve that ends in 3333
I loved this one. It's pretty simple but can be tricky to achieve. What I did was to look at my reserve and then change the last 4 digits the threes. Now you need to work out what the NEXT occurence of 3333 will be. So for me, my reserve is 47,855,209, the NEXT time 3333 will occur is when my reserve reaches 47,863,333. So 46,863,333 MINUS 47,855,209 = 8,124. So I need to get exactly 8,124 equus to reach a reserve ending in 3333. What I did was, once I had my target number, was to sell a horse for exactly that amount. Of course, it was worth abouth the right anount, but to be sure it sold right away, it was a little cheaper than I'd normally sell it. Of course you can sell saddles, droppings etc or even BUY something and bring your reserve DOWN to the correct amount. It's actually just a bit of simple maths, so have fun. Ultimate Howrse's advice: Remember that any races you have running may finish and earm you equus just as you're trying to complete this objective. Make sure no races you've entered are about to run.

  • Objective 99 - Win 10 competitions with a horse bred from Ouranos & Gaia (non-Divine and non-Special)
We all have a Foundation horse when we start playing Howrse, so that's what you'll need to complete this one. If you don't have yours then they are always for sale although they can sometimes be harder to find. Prices for Foundies may well increase for a while whilst these objectives are new, so it may be worth waiting of you don't own one. As for the races, well it may take some time but you'll get there. My Foundie got his 10 wins in two (real, not Howrse) days. Ultimate Howrse's advice: : The new Rookie competitons will help with this one.

  • Objective 100 - Find Secret Page Number 3
Ah the old secret page. At Ultimate Howrse, secret pages are one of the most requested things we're asked for. Now as with all secret pages you MUST be able to see the objective in your list of next objectives AND be logged in to Howrse. Otherwise it will not work. So, how to find it - as previously, you need to open a new tab on your browser and paste in: ID
Now THE ID is where you add the ID number of the player who is at the top of the rankings on the day for competition wins. You can find this player under the Ranking tab and then Breeders. In the bottom half of this page you'll see a ranking for the 'number of competitions won yesterday'. Click on the name of the player at the top of this ranking. Once on their profile page, if you look in the URL bar at the top of your screen you'll see the web page address. this includes the player's ID. So, for example on my profile page this is what you will see: That last number is my ID. And that is what you need for the secret page number 3. Ultimate Howrse's advice: : Today's URL that you would paste into your URL bar is: Obviously this may change each day - so be sure to check.

We hope you find this guide to the latest objectives useful. Ultimate Howrse cannot guarantee how well they will work for you but we have tested them ourselves and have researched on Howrse so hopefully you will be successful.

Have fun and enjoy all those goodies!



  1. The Holsteiner can be a mix breed, as long at the father (or majority of mix) is Holsteiner.

  2. You don't have to use a Holsteiner mare. I wonder how long it is taking the players who have them so high priced to realize this. xD

  3. Here's a tip on Objective #98. Figure out how much you'd have to spend to get to 3333, and go bid on a horse in auction exactly that much. I bid on a MA horse and was quickly outbid, but I had already completed the objective by then. Worked like a charm!


  4. i can confirm that you do NOT need the mare to be a Holsteiner, all you need is the male to be over 50% Holsteiner and wala! your doen!

  5. for objective 96 just google "howrse born on *-*-*" and there should come up with a link on google that has the right horse! :]

  6. All you need to do for objective 97 is pay a few hundred to have any of your mares covered by a holstie! No need to go spend a fortune but thanks for all your great help Ultimate Howrse!! :) :D xxxxxx

  7. When we wrote about these objectives Holsties were a new breed and therefore very expensive. You need to bear in mind that as a post dates its information may become less relevant.

    Yes, the best thing to do now is just get a covering by a Holstie stallion, however at the time of writing that wasn't an option.


  8. Make Easier objective!
    !!!!! and secret howrse pages are to difficult.!

  9. For Objective 96, (for me it was today's date 2 years ago) search the date under the horse directory. Some players name their horses for the date they were born. I typed '2010-04-09' in the horse name directory and it came up with a horse born that day.

  10. Objective No 97. is now: Breeding farm: Give birth to a Knabstrupper breed horse.

  11. I don't know where to post this... but I got a Saturn, a Greyfell and a Chiconteague wild howrse.

    btw this is my howrse username... pm me if you need any help.
    Darby April

  12. I am stuck on the 3333 one, I can't work out what my reserve would be next. ATM it's 44.543, so what how can I work it out, thanks.

  13. I see you all keep saying you don't have to have a mare to complete the objective. While this may be true, if you're a player who prefers or prides themselves on breeding purebred horses then that scenario doesn't work. I know I, myself, only breed pure horses and to complete this objective, I didn't actually spend all that much.

  14. i cant complete 55 on howrse!! what do i do!!!

  15. Well there is nothing here that says something about objective number 55!!! :(

  16. PLEASE ADD ME :) silverorchid7 and how do you complete obj No.55?

  17. PLEASE ADD ME vicky12121212 IF YOU CAN HELP WITH OBJ.99 Win 10 competitions with a horse born from Ouranos and Gaïa (non-special, non-divine) thank you

  18. Almost done! It's exciting to be so close to finishing!

  19. The objective where you have to give an apple to a horse born on a certain day is actually dependent on what day you reached that objective. You have to give an apple to a horse born exactly two years earlier. In my case, it was )ctober 13, 2010, not November of 09.

  20. I can't complete objective 93 :( ive tried everything but the objective still won't complete

  21. Hey do you know anyone that is selling 25year old 0skills cheap?

  22. To get a reserve ending in 3333, you don't have to get more money. figure out how much you would have to subtract from your reserve to get that amount, bid it on a horse in auctions that is worth that much to you, and you will get your money back or your horse's worth, and you'll get the objective too.

  23. Hey uh... I've looked so many places for this, And pbjective 100 just isn't working for me. Help?

  24. I tried the whole objective 100 thing and IT IS NOT WORKING!

  25. how do we find the achievments to do?