Saturday, May 12, 2012

The journey scratch cards

Yes, Howrse have bought back one of our favourite contests - the scratch cards - this time under the name of the Journey Cards.

Until 31st May you can collect cards to scratch which offer various gifts and prizes.

You can win cards in the following ways:

  • The first time you log in each day
  • When your horse wins competitions (2 per day)
  • Buying them in the Flash Sales (you can buy a maximum of 1 card in each type of sale every 3 days)
  • Exchanging duplicate cards (costs 5 diamonds and you can only exchange 1 per day. However you are guaranteed not to get another duplicate)
Apparently there may be more ways to get cards (possible involving HoPs!) later on in the contest.

The first set of cards are called the Collector Cards. These cards give you prizes as soon as you scratch them - for example equus, BM items, saddlery or even the Divine horse Mars.

The second set of cards are called the Puzzle Cards. There are 7 puzzles to complete and you have to collect all 5 cards from each puzzle before you get your gift. The puzzles are as follows:
  • The Desert Puzzle. Prize: Philosopher's Stone
  • The Forest Puzzle. Prize: 20,000e
  • The Jungle Puzzle. Prize: Morpheus' Arms
  • The Meadow Puzzle. Prize: 5 x diamonds
  • The Savanna Puzzle. Prize: a Knabstupper (a new breed of horse)
  • The Mountain Puzzle. Prize: 5th element
  • The Hiking Puzzle. Prize: Poseidon's Pack
If you complete all the puzzles you win a Treasure Chest containing a new wild horse - the Camargue.

You get to your cards by clicking on 'The Cards' link at the top of any page. From that page there is then a link to the Flash Sales.

PLEASE NOTE. To scratch a card you rub your mouse over it. If you are having trouble seeing or scratching your cards it may be that you don't have flash on your computer. For example if you are playing on an iPad or iPhone you will not be able to scratch your cards.


  1. Does anyone know, when scratched what the two diamond cards give you, I know one is a mars ( my friend won one) but what is the other one??
    Btw add me on howrse, my name is Ktgrace :)

  2. I know the answers to all the puzzles!

  3. The other diamond card gives you a Hermes Winged Staff Ktgrace.

    1. Thanks alot, great website btw!

  4. I never get a diamond card

  5. What are the 2 gold cards in the hiking puzzle? I only need 1 more gold card for the hiking puzzle before I get a treasure chest

  6. can you give your friend a bear card if the other person has 0 bear cards? my user is FriesianImortal

  7. anyone know what the gold card is other than the venus fly trap of the jungle puzzle?

  8. how do you exchange the Journey Cards

  9. the other on jungle puzzle is the tucan

  10. ponyfreak123 is my howrse name!!May 28, 2012 at 3:35 AM

    Any secrets to the game?

  11. Could someone please tell me what the Desert cards are? I only have one left. D:

  12. I just need a Bronze Card to finish the 5th Element Puzzle. I buy 5th Element's and Bewithched Pumkins. Please Pm Me I'm smiley44 (English Version U.S.) Well the two cards that are Diamond Cards are Mars and one of these: Treasure Chest( Coantaining a Wild Divine) or Hermes Winged staff.
    Happy Howrsing

  13. Does anyone know what the diamond savannah card is?

  14. God I need something OTHER than the compass card, I've been getting that card at least once everyday for the past week or whatever =_=

    xXSilentHuntress13Xx - PM ME! :D

  15. i need journey card, but can help me?where i wont this card.this diamond card.very nice post i like it.