Thursday, September 3, 2009

Breeds - Quarter Horse

Welcome to your mini-guide to all the breeds on Howrse. All the posts in the 'Breeds' section will give an overview of a breed, what those horses are good at and any interesting things we know about them.

So we thought we'd start with the Quarter Horse. One of my favourites as that's what I started off with!

The first picture on the left is what the Quarter Horse used to look like with the old game graphics and the second picture is what the breed looks like now!

The Quarter Horse is an American horse. It takes it's name from the fact that it is the quickest horse over distances of a quarter of a mile or less. It is one of the original breeds on Howrse.

-Species: Horse
-Size: from 15.0 hands to 16.0 hands


Chestnut 17 %
Bay 9 %
Cherry bay 8 %
Strawberry roan 4 %
Flaxen Chestnut 11 %
Flaxen Liver chestnut 1 %
Black 8 %
Palomino 6 %
Roan 6 %
Liver chestnut 7 %
Dark Bay 7 %
Cremello 1 %
Light Gray 3 %
Dapple Gray 6 %
Mousey Gray 3 %
Dun 3 %

Top 3 skills: Galloping, Dressage, Speed

Best competitions: Galloping race, Barrel race



  1. I have a Cherry Bay Quarter Horse mare named Typhoon and i want to figure out how i can get a Mouse Gray foal if i breed her i want to try to get the most mouse gray foals out of her as i can shes 3 yrs. old and has never had a foal before i want to get som stars on the faol to though can you help me?
    olease send your answers to me on howrse if you can my login is olivia rose delwiche

  2. Hi, I'm TexasGirl4 (on howrse) I've got a chestnut howrse named Austin! He is awesome! Thanks howrse helper, now I know what to train him in! Quarter Horses ROCK! Check out my page on Howrse!

  3. Hi, I'm Sosana, I live for quarter horses, I breed them, and I have 2 16* and one 17* what I jus bought so I'm excited!!

  4. Hi I am howrsenut101 i have a breeding farm for Arabs check it out on my page and joinn!

  5. hi im kjoy on howrse i collect palamino quarter horses so pm me a offer

  6. Hi just thought I'd say to olivia r delwiche that the coat of your horse is decided randomley on the allowed coats for that breed thankyou!

  7. Hi! This is i'msosmart1234!! Check out my page. I have a charity and breed all kinds of horses!!! I got lucky in the lottery recently and got a Trakehner!!

  8. hi my account is burrito525 i only breed marwari horses and i once played howrse a long time ago but lost the account

  9. how long do quarter horses live on thise game??

  10. I have like 10 quarter horses, I have my barrel racing star, Amberello a immortal chestnut stallion, my 20 yr old dun mare Amberellos mate dressage star Artemis, her twin duaghters flaxen liver chestnuts named Strix Struma and Athena, her black are daughter named Otulissa, and her granddaughter or last daughter a palamino mare named My Golden Flax Girl, I also bought a dapple gray show jumping star named A Dapple In My Heart. I luv my quarter horses!

  11. what is the best animal like the bunny and that stuff for the quarter horse to have

  12. Companions aren't really breed specific. Just buy the best one you can afford, ideally one that gives your horse extra skills and a good dressage bonus.


  13. I have almost every color of Tennessee Walking Horses on Howrse, and I'm trying to breed a flaxen liver chestnut. any suggestions?