Sunday, September 5, 2010

Howrse Riding Level 4 - Answers and info

After being registered for 30 days on Howrse, you can take Riding Level 4. This level allows you access to the Breeding Directory and lets you see information about genetics.

You need to get 100% of the answers right to pass.

- What should you do if your horse has a bowed tendon?

All of these

- Horses born with SCID virus have?

No immune systems

- What animals do horses commonly contract Equine Protozoal Myeloencephalitis from?


- What is thrush?

Infection of a part of the horses hoof called the frog

- Horses can be allergic to bee stings?


- If your horse throws a shoe while you are riding what should you do?

Pad the hoof with cotton and wrap it

- It is important to de-worm your horse at least?

Every three months

- What does Mud Fever cause?

Painful sores and scabs on the horse's legs

- If your horse has colic, you should allow them to roll


- What are some signs that your horse may have West Nile Virus?

All of these

- What are some of the signs your horse has eaten a poisonous plant?

Difficulty breathing
Loss of interest in Food

- What is the Rhino Virus?

Equine Flu


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