Monday, September 6, 2010

Howrse Training Methods - the basics

A lot of people often ask 'How do I train my horse'?

Now, there are lots of methods out there for training your horses. All are different and many depend on what you want to get out of your horses - do you want to breed from them or skill them to be elites or win competitions with them or something else that I haven't even thought of?

I have my preferred methods which I will share on this blog - but you may have a different way which works for you - that's fine too! I tend to skill elite horses rather than breed for the GP race so that's the plan I'll outline. I've owned several top 10 elites over the years so my methods can't be too bad!

For starters though let's go through some basic facts.

A horse is only as good as it's genetics. You can't 'make' a 1000 skiller from any horse - it has to be born to be one.

If you do no lessons:
A horse's total skills = The horse's GP + The horse's inborn skills

If you do lessons every day, you can add another 50+ skills on top of this calculation (depending on how good the EC you board them in is) and with WoY another 100+. So it's well worth always doing 2 lessons a day with every horse you train. Not only do you get extra skills but you make money as well - what could be better?

A day in the life of one of my horses...

1 and 1/2 hours pasture, salt stone, groom, lesson x 2, turnip, carrot (if bunny in box), feed, training (we'll go into more details in later posts), stroke, carrot, water.

As long as you keep and eye on the time and your horses energy levels then this basic outline should allow you to do maximum training with your horse each day and still get him to bed at 22:00 and with 20% energy.



  1. Hi...

    There is a skills calculator on internet?



  2. There may well be one but it's really easy to work them out for yourself if you want to!

    Horse's Skills = Horse's GP + Horse's Inborn Skills

    Then add on your lesson gains:
    0.0?? (look at the EC your horse is in) x 4 x 6 x 23 ~ 50 (without WoY)
    0.0?? x 4 x 12 x 23 ~ 100 (with WoY)

  3. what if we don't have a salstone?

  4. what if you don't have a saltstone?

  5. If you go to our section on Foals there is a game plan there for those without a saltstone.


  6. I usually train my horses for 2 hrs. then i put them in a comp am i doing the right thing or do i need to add in more rides and less training because im trying to get my horses blup up.

  7. I would suggest doing your competitions at the start of the day - when your horse has the most energy.

    Then do a mixture of rides and training. In the end you have to do it all so it doesn't really matter if you do more rides or more training first. Don't forget to do your lessons each day too.

    Look out for my new training methods that take into account the recent changes. I'll be posting them soon.


  8. that training method is helping me BLUP my horses. Thank you.

  9. How do you get a salt stone?

  10. there arnt any salt stones in the game anymore

  11. Lucy,

    I was wondering what changes you have made to your training now that salt stones arnt available and have a limit of 1 lesson a day?

  12. Is there an updated version somewhere?